It’s Time to Register Your Vacation Rental!

The City is asking for your help in registering your vacation rental.  The Goleta City Council passed a short-term rental ordinance last year in order to protect and preserve the residential character of neighborhoods where vacation rentals operate. Some of the goals behind the adoption of the ordinance were to provide the City and law enforcement better tools to properly regulate these uses as well as create a registry that could track where and how many of these uses have been permitted.  The ordinance also provides a mechanism for people to object to a permit before and after it has been issued.

The City’s Vacation Rental Ordinance requires that all applicants do the following:

  • Demonstrate proof that properties within 200 feet have been notified of a permit application
  • Provide a “nuisance response plan” which includes contact information for the property owner and a local person who can respond 24/7 to the property in the event of a complaint
  • Show proof of a business license

For more information and to download the appropriate forms, click here