Additional Roadwork on Storke Road at Highway 101 Starts Tonight

The second phase of the traffic improvements on northbound Storke Road will begin on this evening, Wednesday, March 2.  During this phase, the following improvements will be made:

  • The addition of a second right-turn lane onto the southbound onramp at the US 101 freeway
  • Clearer signage and updated pavement striping
  • Increased visibility, traffic signal modifications and a bike lane for bicyclists. For example, when a cyclist approaches a signal, the no right turn signal will be illuminated so drivers are alerted to the cyclist.
  • Pavement resurfacing

Please use the southbound Los Carneros onramp while these changes are being constructed.

Some lane closures and turn lane restrictions will be in place at various times during this project.

The work will take place during the month of March primarily during the evening hours.  Of course if the March miracle of heavy rain occurs, the work will push into April.

Work is set to begin this evening at the southeast corner of the intersection with the installation of a push button for bicyclists.

The project is being completed in conjunction with Caltrans.