The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round with New Routes

Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District (MTD) has made changes to better serve bus riders in the community. The MTD Board of Directors approved changes to bus routes and schedules for existing Lines 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 20, 23, & 25. In addition, UCSB has funded a new Line, 28, which will serve UCSB, Isla Vista, and the Camino Real Marketplace. Changes will take effect later this month on August 22nd.

Below is a summary of changes. Detailed information about these changes will be available on the MTD website and at the Transit Center by early August. MTD staff will also be at the Hollister/Storke bus stops during the initial days of the new service to answer questions.

  • Line 7 will be extended over the Fairview bridge and turn around in Goleta Old Town via Kinman, Armitos, & Kellogg.
  • Lines 8 & 9 will be eliminated.
  • Line 23 will become a one-way loop through the El Encanto Heights neighborhood and become Line 11 at Storke & Hollister.
  • Line 25 buses will cross the freeway on Cathedral Oaks and turn around via Winchester Canyon. Line 25 will become Line 6 at Hollister & Storke.
  • Routing on Lines 6 & 11 is not changing, but some buses will now continue as Line 25 or 23 (respectively).
  • UCSB is funding a new route, Line 28, that will connect the main campus with Isla Vista and the Camino Real Marketplace via El Colegio and Storke Roads.
  • Service between Santa Barbara & Carpinteria on Line 20 will increase in frequency from every 60 minutes to every 40 minutes on weekday afternoons.

Visit for more information.