Cox Digital Transition – Are You Ready?

Cox is transitioning to an all-digital network in its Santa Barbara service area. A fully digital network will lead to even better television service and faster internet speeds for customers. Customers currently using analog format MUST transition to digital format otherwise there will be a loss of service. Those customers transitioning from analog to digital TV service will immediately enjoy better picture and sound quality and, in many cases, access to more channels and an interactive channel guide.

Who needs to take action?
Customers currently using analog service.

How do I know if I am using analog service?
Anyone who connects their television directly into Cox’s cable line is currently using Cox analog service.

I use Cox analog service, what do I need to do?
Analog customers need to add a mini boxTM or an Advanced TV Receiver (or CableCARD if their TV or DVR is CableCARD-compatible) to continue receiving Cox video service. This equipment will allow the customer to experience the benefits of digital service when the transition is complete.

How do I get a mini box or CableCARD?
Customers will have the option to order mini boxes online, over the phone, or in-person at a Cox retail store. Based on eligibility, customers may receive up to two mini boxes free of charge for up to two years. After that, mini boxes will be available for rent at $2.99 per month. The mini boxes will arrive with easy-to-follow instructions for self-installation, however, customers still have the option to schedule a professional installation if they prefer. The same offers will apply to customers ordering CableCARDs instead of mini boxes.

What is the timeline for Cox’s all-digital transition to occur?
Beginning in October 2016, Cox will begin to transition away from dual carriage of channels in analog and digital format. The full evolution to an all-digital network is scheduled to be completed in December 2016. More information will be available from Cox as each transition phase gets closer.

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