Capital Improvements Up for Review

At the April 19th City Council meeting, the Council will be considering awarding bids for three exciting Capital Improvement Projects that are slated to get underway in the coming months. Here’s an overview of these projects which will benefit our community:

Evergreen Tennis Court Resurfacing Project

As many tennis players know, the tennis courts at Evergreen Park have been closed and unusable to the public for quite some time. After exploring many repair options, plans have been approved to remove the existing asphalt concrete surface and resurface both tennis courts.  The project is expected to begin construction in mid-May and last approximately two months.

Path Lighting at the Boys & Girls Club and Goleta Valley Community Center Project

In order to improve pedestrian safety, a number of upgrades will be made to the pathway between the Goleta Valley Community Center and the Boys & Girls Club and the parking areas. The project will remove existing fencing along the parking lots and install path lighting from Hollister Avenue to the back of the property where the Boys & Girls Club facility is located. The project will also include repairing the parking lot asphalt and making minor repairs to the path itself.  It is anticipated that this project will begin construction in mid-May and last approximately two months.

Maria Ygnacio Bike Path Lighting Project

Cyclists can look forward to a brighter path. While the County of Santa Barbara has installed lighting along the portion of the Maria Ygnacio Bike Trail located within the County limits, the trail remains unlit along the segment passing through the City of Goleta. The project will install solar powered LED lighting along this 1,750 foot unlit portion from Hollister Avenue to the trail bridge that crosses the Maria Ygnacio Creek.  These improvements will dramatically enhance the safety of commuters using the bike path during dark hours.  Construction is expected to begin in June and last two weeks. 4/5/16 Update – this item has been moved to the May 3rd City Council agenda.

Learn more about these projects and many others on our website here.