Storke Road Onramp Complete

The additional turn lane onto southbound 101 at Storke Road is now open.  Here are some important things to note about the new configuration and bike lane improvements:

  • A bicycle signal has been added, which allows cyclists to push the button and halt vehicle traffic from entering the onramp so bicyclists may safely cross over the onramp and continue north on Glen Annie/Storke.
  • The bicycle signal looks like a regular traffic signal but with a bike symbol and is illuminated either red, yellow or green. When bicyclists have the right of way, two signs are illuminated with a mark through the right turn arrow, informing vehicle drivers they may not turn right on red onto the ramp.
    • If the bike signal is red, then drivers can turn onto the freeway and cyclists must wait.
    • If the bike signal is green and the no turn sign is illuminated red, drivers may NOT turn onto the onramp. Drivers should always look to see what color the bike light is and if a bicyclist is present before making a right turn onto the onramp.
  • In addition, for vehicles exiting Camino Real Marketplace onto northbound Storke Road, the two far right lanes have access to the freeway southbound onramp lanes north of Hollister. The #3 lane (the lane closest to the sidewalk) north of Hollister becomes a dedicated turn lane for southbound 101 and the #2 lane is now a through / right turn lane.  This new lane access eliminates the need for drivers to fight for a space in the far right lane if they want to get onto the freeway to go south.

Thank you for your patience as drivers become familiar with the new configurations.