Upcoming Changes to Residential Electric Rates

Last year, the California Public Utilities Commission approved a new residential rate structure designed to make rates simpler and more cost-based. Beginning June 1, residential tiers will collapse from four to three. The new rates will shift costs more fairly among all residential customers based on energy usage. The bill impacts for most customers will be relatively small. Additionally, residential customers will see an increased benefit through the California Climate Credit, which will be increasing from $29 to $38. This credit appears in the April and October bills. Southern California Edison (SCE) has developed an FAQ document to help answer additional questions.

SCE is conducting extensive outreach to make sure customers are aware of these rate changes and how they can control their energy costs.

  • Email or written communications are being sent directly to all residential customers. (Click here for samples.)
  • The Customer Call Center is available to speak with customers about the rate changes and tools available to help manage energy costs: 877-287-2145.
  • Outreach to media outlets.
  • The website has up-to-date information on rate changes and includes tools where customers can get customized bill impact estimates: on.sce.com/ratechange.
  • SCE’s social media platforms will provide information about the rate change and respond directly to customer questions. Follow SCE on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.
  • SCE is educating community-based organizations that provide services to low-income customers in your area.

Regardless of how much energy customers use, SCE has many existing programs to help customers manage their energy costs.

  • Energy efficiency programs and incentives are available to help customers conserve energy, protect the environment, and save money: on.sce.com/residential
  • Budget Assistant is a free program where customers can set a spending goal, track usage and avoid high bill surprises. Customers receive updates on their bill by text, email or phone and so they can modify their usage before their bill is finalized. More information: on.sce.com/ba.
  • There are special rates available to help low-income customers: sce.com/careandfera.
  • Later this summer, SCE will introduce an online rate analysis tool to help customers determine if one of the new time-of-use rates would be more cost effective for them: on.sce.com/rates.