How to Dispose of Seasonal Items

The holiday season has arrived! Please review the information below from Marborg on how to properly dispose of seasonal items.

  • Place Christmas trees curbside on green waste collection day, or trash collection day if you do not have green waste service. If you live in an apartment complex, please place tree next to the trash bin. View guidelines here.
  • Holiday lights can NOT be placed in your household containers as they are electronic waste. They can be dropped off at MarBorg’s Goleta or Downtown Recycling Centers, or the South Coast Recycling and Transfer Station.
  • Wrapping paper without any glitter can be placed in your recycling container. If it is still in good condition, save it to be reused. Skipping the wrapping paper altogether is the best solution – try wrapping gifts with fabric or use old newspaper/magazines.
  • Wrapping paper that has glitter or is iridescent should be placed in the trash if you cannot reuse it.

For more information on how to dispose of holiday items, please go to