City Addresses Concerns Regarding Southern California Edison’s Rate Increase

Central Coast Community Energy Generation Rates Remain Unchanged

Residents and businesses may have noticed an increase in their electric bills in the last month. The increase is due to Southern California Edison’s increase in its transmission and distribution rates and is NOT related to the City’s new electricity provider Central Coast Community Energy (CCCE).

On October 1, Southern California Edison (SCE) raised its transmission and distribution rates for all customers. These increased rates, which typically account for approximately 2/3 of an average household’s monthly electricity costs, were reflected in customers’ bills starting in November, and will amount to a monthly increase of approximately $10 per average household. The increased rates are tied to SCE’s need for continued grid infrastructure development and hardening to prevent wildfires and accelerate grid modernization. For more information visit

Also in October, all Goleta electricity customers were enrolled in CCCE service. CCCE is now in charge of electric generation (how and where our electricity is generated), a cost that typically makes up approximately 1/3 of an average household’s monthly electricity costs. SCE will no longer charge customers for electric generation (how your electricity is generated), but SCE will continue charging customers for transmission and distribution (how your electricity is delivered). CCCE electric generation charges now appear on your SCE bill as a separate line item. Those enrolled with CCCE are now shared customers: SCE provides and charges for transmission and distribution, CCCE provides and charges for electric generation.

Despite SCE rates going up, CCCE has not raised its electric generation rates. In fact, a visit to SCE’s rate comparison page demonstrates that CCCE generation charges are lower than SCE generation charges. Currently, Goleta electricity customers who are not enrolled with CCCE are paying higher generation rates, combined with the recent increase to transmission and distribution rates.

Along with 32 other Central Coast communities, the City of Goleta joined Central Coast Community Energy to access greater control of our electricity needs and to support the growth of clean and renewable energy. Doing so provides our residents and businesses with economic and environmental benefits.

If you have additional questions, you can contact CCCE by calling 888-909-6227 or emailing To learn more about CCCE and attend upcoming webinars, visit