Enhanced Municipal Code and New Public Document Portal

Full Archive of City’s Rules, Regulations, Resolutions and Ordinances Available

Every city has its own specific set of rules, regulations, resolutions and ordinances. Now accessing those laws and documents for the City of Goleta is easier than ever before. The City is pleased to announce that it has updated its Goleta Municipal Code (a living document that outlines the City’s local laws and regulations), and as an added benefit to the public has created a new user-friendly public document portal which contains a full archive of the City’s past legislative actions. Both the Goleta Municipal Code and the Public Document Portal are fully searchable and can be downloaded or printed for offline access. To access the updated Municipal Code and Public Documents Portal go to www.CityofGoleta.org/MuniCode.    

Goleta’s City Clerk Deborah Lopez said, “We are proud to offer this easy online access to our Municipal Code, Ordinances and Resolutions. This is part of the City’s overall efforts to improve services to our community and further promote government transparency.”

Here are some of the great features of this enhanced Municipal Code webpage and platform:

  • Provides user-friendly features such as an easy-to-use search function.
  • Results will include code material, new laws, and public documents.
  • The site will also allow visitors to subscribe to receive automatic email code alerts when specific code sections are updated, download formatted sections of the Municipal Code, and find legislation that is not yet codified under the “New Laws” section of the code site.
  • You can also download the free Search Application (eCode Search) on your mobile device to easily search the Municipal Code on the go.

We hope you find this new resource helpful. If you have any questions or need assistance, contact the City Clerk’s Group at cityclerkgroup@cityofgoleta.org.

Photo: Deputy City Clerk Liana Campos visits updated Municipal Code webpage with new Public Document Portal