Goleta City Hall Receives Green Business Certification

Reaches Innovator Level

Goleta City Hall officially has its Green Business Certification. The Santa Barbara County Green Business Program recognized Goleta’s City Hall for reaching the Innovator Level of its Green Business Certification. That means that the City has gone above and beyond to meet the highest standards of sustainability set by the California Green Business Network.

Santa Barbara County Green Business Program Director Kori Nielsen was at Goleta City Hall on April 16 to present the recognition award to City Council and City of Goleta Sustainability staff. Nielsen shared that, “The Green Business Program evaluates environmental practices of local businesses by assessing each area of their environmental impact and certifies businesses that adopt industry-leading best environmental practices. The assessment focuses on the solution areas of energy, solid waste, wastewater, pollution prevention, transportation, community, and water conservation.” She also thanked the City for supporting the Goleta business community and being at the forefront of environmental sustainability.

Some of the major accomplishments that helped Goleta achieve this recognition include launching the Plastic Free Goleta initiative to reduce single-use plastics, installing solar panels at City Hall to power the building with renewable energy, utilizing best practices for energy efficiency in facilities, having an active employee transportation demand program, and implementing the Creek and Watershed Management Plan.

The City’s Sustainability Manager, Dana Murray, shared that, “the Green Business Program offers local businesses the opportunity to save water, electricity, money, and the environment! We are proud to achieve Innovator-level certification for City Hall, and look forward to furthering energy efficiency, water conservation, renewable energy, and waste reduction at other facilities in the City.”

We are proud of all the work that goes into making our Goleta a cleaner, greener city. You can help by taking action and being part of the City’s new Go Green Goleta campaign. Our tomorrow is today! Find out how you can help at www.GoGreenGoleta.org.

City Council and staff receiving the recognition award at the April 16 Council meeting.
Pictured left-to-right: Councilmember James Kyriaco (District 2), Mayor Pro Tempore Luz Reyes-
Martín (District 1), Mayor Paula Perotte, Sustainability Analyst Angeline Foshay, Councilmember Stuart Kasdin, Santa Barbara County Green Business Program Director Kori Nielsen, Sustainability Manager Dana Murray, Councilmember Kyle Richards, and Planning and Environmental Review Director Peter Imhof