Electrify Your Ride –Rebates Now Available for 3CE Customers

If you are a new Central Coast Community Energy customer and you bought or leased an electric vehicle or purchased and installed an electric vehicle charging station at your home or office after October 1, 2021, you may be eligible for Electrify Your Ride incentives.

Central Coast Community Energy (CCCE) recently launched its Electrify Your Ride program. As part of this program, rebates are available to CCCE customers for the purchase and lease of new and pre-owned electric vehicles (EVs), motorcycles, EV chargers, associated EV readiness electrical work, and electric bikes! Electrify Your Ride provides access to a one-stop-shop to apply for post-purchase incentives that will help save customers money and help residents and businesses make the switch to electric transportation. See tables below for pricing. The program is open now through September 30, 2022, or until all funds ($2.8 million) are used.

The Electrify Your Ride rebates not only reimburse a portion of the cost for electric-powered transportation but are also intended to cover costs associated with the purchase and installation of chargers to power up EVs at homes and workplaces – including the labor and related electric panel updates or replacement – which is part of a CCCE Energy Program “readiness” measure designed to prepare customers for more all-electric conversion such as appliances and water heaters. So, even if you may not be ready for a new vehicle, program funds can be leveraged now to start upgrading your electric panel for a cleaner future.

Transportation contributes to 60% of our local Central Coast greenhouse gas emissions. By powering cars with electricity instead of gasoline or diesel saves money and improves local air quality. Additionally, building more charging stations improves equitable access for residents and EV chargers add value to businesses. CCCE energy programs assist the Central Coast community with the switch from fossil fuels to clean-energy solutions.

Learn more about the program at https://3cenergy.org/electrify-your-ride-program/.

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Electrify Your Ride resident rebate and incentive rates

Electrify Your Ride commercial business rebate and incentive rates