Making Progress on Needed Road Repairs

The Goleta City Council approved the construction contract for the 2020-2021 Pavement Rehabilitation Project and authorized an additional $3,900,000 from the General Fund for additional roadway paving work throughout the City at their September 21, 2021, meeting.

Goleta Deputy Public Works Director James Campero said, “Public Works staff bid the paving project with bid alternates to provide the City flexibility to award additional roadways if we received good bids. Fortunately, we received very advantageous bids and we are very thankful to have a City Council and community that supports taking advantage of such great bids. We will be constructing nearly $6 million worth of paving work, which is a major step in the right direction to repairing our City’s roadway system.”

The added work includes the much-needed pavement rehabilitation on Cathedral Oaks Road from Glen Annie Road to Los Carneros Road. Paving work is anticipated to start in one-two months.

Although this will be a big benefit to the City’s roadway network and a major step in the right direction, this is a one-time funding allocation. City staff will continue to explore all options to identify potential funding sources for the additional $3.3 million needed annually to appropriately maintain the City’s entire roadway system. The City is also working on evaluating the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) and identifying how to reprioritize and/or fund the approximately $110 million worth of unfunded CIP Projects.

Watch a recording of the meeting here and read the staff report here.

Pictured: Cathedral Oaks Road