Pavement Rehabilitation Scheduled Soon

List of Road Segments Scheduled for Construction Beginning Mid-July

The City of Goleta will begin an estimated $7 million dollars of pavement rehabilitation construction in mid-July. The road segments included were approved for the 2023 Pavement Rehabilitation Project. The Project is part of the City’s ongoing effort to maintain and improve the City’s road network by restoring and resurfacing the existing pavement to prevent further damage and extend its lifespan. The work will also include installing new striping and markings to improve visibility for drivers and accessibility compliant curb ramp upgrades.

While they are not in any particular order and an exact schedule has not yet been determined, the following road segments are scheduled for rehabilitation:

  • Cathedral Oaks Road (Winchester Canyon Road to Evergreen Drive)
  • Phelps Road (Pacific Oaks Road to Storke Road)
  • Colusa Drive (Del Norte Drive to Calle Real)
  • Caroldale Place (Caroldale Lane to cul-de-sac)
  • Caroldale Lane (Camino Laguna Vista to La Patera Lane)
  • Hollister Avenue (Cathedral Oaks Road to Gate at West End)
  • Storke Road (Hollister Avenue to US 101 On-Ramp)
  • North Fairview Avenue (US 101 On Ramp to Calle Real)

The construction phase will require temporary lane closures and traffic detours. Once a schedule of construction is announced, you are advised to plan your routes accordingly and follow all traffic signage and instructions from construction crew workers.

The City constructs an Annual Pavement Rehabilitation Project as part of its Pavement Management Program (PMP). The PMP uses a critical point management approach to select and prioritize which streets will be considered for treatment. The critical point approach incorporates pavements from all parts of the deterioration curve, not just the best or worst. This approach optimizes every budget dollar by seeking to apply the right treatment to the right pavement at the right time. Pavement treatments ranges from pothole repair and crack sealing to slurry seals, overlays, and reconstructions.  

To stay updated on the project’s progress, please visit our pavement webpage at  

If you have any questions on the Pavement Rehabilitation Projects, please contact us at or 805-562-5504.

Pictured: Paving on N. Los Carneros Road (February 2023)