Goleta’s Historic November Election – Know Your District

Election day is coming up on Tuesday, November 8, 2022. There is a lot to consider on this year’s Goleta ballot and we appreciate you taking time out to get the details. This is an historic election for Goleta as it is the first By-District Election for the City.

The City is now divided into four districts (see map below) and registered voters in Districts 1 and 2 will have the opportunity to elect City Councilmembers from the District in which they live. The two western districts, Districts 3 and 4, will be decided upon in the following election in November of 2024. The Mayor’s seat will continue to be elected at-large and will be on the November 2024 ballot as well.

Take a moment right now to find out what district you live in. It’s easy – click here for an interactive map that will show you what district you live in. Just type in your address in the search bar on the upper left-hand side of the screen.

No matter what district you live in, ALL Goleta residents are encouraged to vote on two Goleta ballot measures, one a 1% Sales and Transaction Use tax (B2022) and the other a Flavored Tobacco Ban Ordinance (C2022). 


“To support Goleta’s 9-1-1 response/crime prevention; clean-up trash in creeks to maintain coastal waters; address homelessness, fire risks from illegal encampments; maintain public safety, clean/maintain public areas; repair streets/potholes; increase recycled water use for parks; retain local businesses/jobs; maintain open spaces/natural areas and for general government use; shall a measure be adopted establishing a 1¢ sales tax providing approximately $10,600,000 annually until ended by voters, requiring public spending disclosure?”




“Shall Ordinance No. 21-09, An Ordinance of the City of Goleta, California, banning the sale of flavored tobacco products within the City’s limits, be adopted?”



There is a lot to consider this election and we hope to see a large voter turnout. Thank you for caring about the future of your City and doing your part to make your voice heard.

Learn more about the ballot measures and other election information at www.CityofGoleta.org/Elections.

Goleta's District Elections Map

City of Goleta’s District Elections Map Boundaries