Welcome New Community Resource Deputy Rauch

The City of Goleta is pleased to introduce our new Community Resource Deputy, Ehren Rauch.  Having been born and raised in the Good Land, Deputy Rauch has strong connections to the City of Goleta and has already hit the ground running with his new assignment which began August 8.  On August 11, he visited a local Goleta preschool to talk to the children about safety tips.

Former Goleta City Manager Michelle Greene said, “I am impressed with Deputy Rauch’s sincere desire to improve the community where he was raised. Based on his background, demeanor, and approach to the position, I am confident that Deputy Rauch will do an excellent job as our Community Resource Deputy. “

Deputy Rauch said, “As a Patrol Deputy, I have really enjoyed interacting with the community members in Goleta. I feel a special connection being able to help those in my hometown and I am looking forward to giving back to the community where I was raised. This position will allow me the opportunity to focus on assisting those in the City of Goleta. It also gives the community a direct point of contact to the Deputies who serve their community. I am excited to work directly with the Goleta community members to come up with unique ways to address concerns that may arise.”

Deputy Rauch has eight years of law enforcement experience and was most recently assigned to the Goleta Valley Patrol Division. He started his law enforcement career at the Santa Barbara Airport Law Enforcement Division, and after a year moved on to the UCSB Police Department, where he spent five years. He then took a position at the Sheriff’s Office, where he has served as a Deputy for nearly two years.

Deputy Rauch was introduced to the Goleta City Council at its August 16 meeting. The Council also thanked Senior Deputy Ben Sandu for his service to our community for the past two years as the Community Resource Deputy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Senior Deputy Sandu continues to serve the Goleta community on patrol in the Goleta Valley.

We wish Senior Deputy Sandu and Deputy Rauch great success in their new assignments and thank them in advance for their service. 

Deputy Ben Sandu (former Community Resource Deputy) and Community Resource Deputy Ehren Rauch

Community Resource Deputy Ehren Rauch at Somerset Preschool