Learn about Goleta’s Ballot Measures

On the November 2018 ballot, Goleta residents will also vote on two ballot measures:

  • Measure W2018 asks if the annual City Council salary should be raised to 75% of the nonfamily median income of City of Goleta residents, and if the Mayor’s salary should be raised to 90% ($42,134 and $50,561 respectively, according to the US Census Bureau).

Current salaries are $7,020 annually for all five Council members, including the Mayor.

  • Measure Z2018 asks if a Cannabis Business Tax should be put in place on gross receipts of cannabis businesses, not to exceed 10% and with initial rates ranging from 1-5% depending on the type of business (ex.: retail, distributor).

The Cannabis Business Tax is estimated to raise $334,000 – $1,423,000 for unrestricted general revenue purposes such as street repair, parks and police.

If you desire a copy of the ordinance or measure, please call the City Clerk’s office at (805) 961-7505 or email your request to cityclerkgroup@cityofgoleta.org and a copy will be provided to you at no cost.