Food Recovery Network Business Spotlight: Jordano’s Foodservice

The City of Goleta has launched the edible food recover program as part of SB1383 to help ensure edible food waste gets to community members struggling with food insecurity. We want to congratulate businesses who have been early adopters of joining this program, not only helping our community, but also helping reduce greenhouse gases generated by food waste.

Jordano’s was one of the first local Goleta businesses to sign up, and has been a leader in our City’s food recovery program. Recently, Karrie Reeves-Gilbraith, Food Safety & Compliance with Jordano’s Foodservice Inc., gave some insight into how businesses play a crucial role in edible food recovery.

Why do you participate in the Santa Barbara County Food Recovery Network and how long have you been donating food?

Jordano’s Foodservice has been donating food and other items for numerous years and from what I can tell it is just a part of who they are (Jordano Family). When I came aboard, I was provided the autonomy to broaden our reach and look for ways to make that happen. The team here at Jordano’s has worked together to make this come to fruition. The SB County Food Recovery Network helps facilitate helping others and it is rewarding to know you are a part of something worthwhile.

What is the most common food you donate and what food recovery organizations do you donate to the most?

I would say dairy, produce, and juice. However, you never know what may come up but on average these are the most common items. We donate the most to Friendship Manor in Goleta and the Santa Barbara Rescue Mission

Why should other organizations participate in the SB County Food Recovery Network? Any food recovery stories you’d like to share?

It is great for people, the environment, and making a difference where you can. Having a lot of produce at the onset of COVID-19, we began donating to the Santa Barbara Wildlife Rescue and other animal shelters when the product wasn’t at the high standard we maintain for distribution but certainly could help our animal friends.

Pictured left-to-right: James (Jordano’s), Eswin (Friendship Manor) and Karrie (Jordano’s)