Goleta’s Draft Housing Element Submitted to the State for Review

The City of Goleta’s Draft 2023-2031 Housing Element is now in the hands of the State for review. The City of Goleta was pleased to submit this defining document after unanimous approval from the Goleta City Council on June 28, 2022. Goleta’s Housing Element is important because it establishes City policies and programs for maintaining and improving existing housing, as well as accommodating development of new housing to meet the City’s assigned share of housing needs under the Regional Housing Needs Assessment.

City of Goleta’s Planning and Environmental Review Director Peter Imhof said, “The transmittal of the Draft 2023-2031 Housing Element is an important milestone for the City as it moves us one step closer to adoption before the State deadline of February 15, 2023. Implementing the Housing Element will help us address many of Goleta’s unique housing needs and it will help us comply with State law requirements.”

City of Goleta Advance Planning Manager Anne Wells added, “The Draft Housing Element reflects more than a year of public, Planning Commission, and City Council input. Public input has been critical to the development of this Draft Housing Element and the City appreciates the more than 600 people who provided input and engaged with the City during various outreach events and surveys. Thank you!”

The State now has 90 days to review Goleta’s Draft 2023-2031 Housing Element. Once the City receives comment from the State, the City will prepare a revised draft for future adoption hearings.

To learn more and to view the Draft Housing Element that was submitted to the State for review, visit the project page on our website at https://www.cityofgoleta.org/housingelement.