Santa Barbara County Community Data Dashboard Update

The Santa Barbara County Community Data Dashboard has transitioned to a new format utilizing data from the California Department of Public Health’s (CDPH) COVID-19 Dashboards. This change marks an important step in the COVID-19 response as County Public Health routinizes the reporting of COVID-19 data for long-term monitoring of the virus in Santa Barbara County. Leaning on data from CDPH is a practice various Counties have adopted as part of their ongoing strategy. Local data will continue to be monitored and reviewed by local epidemiologists on a routine basis.

“Through the course of the pandemic our epidemiology team has worked diligently to ensure high quality data is available for our policy leaders, healthcare partners, and our community at-large,” shared County Public Health Director, Van Do-Reynoso. “This shift to the use of CDPH data will allow our County Public Health team to continue monitoring COVID-19 data while refocusing on other critical health data, including chronic diseases and social determinants of health.”

The new dashboard will continue to be updated on Tuesday and Friday and will focus in on key metrics such as case count, hospitalizations, vaccination, and testing. It will be located in the same site on the COVID-19 Information Portal as the current dashboard for continued ease of access. The current Community Data Dashboard will be archived on July 1. For more information, please visit the Dashboard Transition FAQ’s webpage.