New California Emergency Drought Regulations

Goleta Water District customers continue to use 20% less than before the last drought, with residents using a mere 56 gallons per person per day on average, which is far less than the State-wide average of 83 and the Central Coast regional average of 73.

Regardless, given the dire conditions across the state, the Governor’s recently adopted Emergency Drought Regulations require the District to request all of its customers voluntarily reduce water use by 20%. The District recognizes that some customers may be able to further increase conservation by simply reducing outdoor irrigation, but for others who are already extremely low water users this may be challenging. Click here for helpful tips to save 20% or more, and to learn how to find out How Much Water Do I Use?

In addition, Commercial, Landscape Irrigation, and Institutional customers are prohibited from irrigating non-functional or ornamental turf that is not used for human recreation purposes such as school fields, sports fields, and parks. Common examples include grass on curb strips in front of shopping complexes or lawns in common areas of Home Owner Associations. The new regulations took effect on June 16, 2022. Click here for the District’s FAQ for the California Emergency Drought Regulations.