Goleta Resident Mary Kahn Turns 100!

Happy 100th Birthday to an inspiring Goleta resident. Mary Kahn celebrated her centennial birthday, June 30, 2022, with her daughter and neighbors at a small backyard gathering (pictured below). She was delighted to see Mayor Paula Perotte walk in and was honored to receive a Proclamation from the City of Goleta acknowledging her 100th birthday.   

Mary was born on June 30, 1922, in Missouri and has lived a well-traveled life. She worked as an elementary school teacher in California, New York and Florida and was an exchange teacher in Honduras. Upon her retirement from teaching, Mary enjoyed travelling around the United States in her Chinook camper. She also was part of a group that hosted travelers from other countries and she stayed with host families in countries she visited.

Mary moved to Santa Barbara to be close to her daughter in 1997 and in 2002 she moved to Goleta where she has lived ever since. 

Mary is the author of a book entitled “Dear Grandparents” with suggestions of things to do with your grandchildren. She has been active throughout her years in equal rights for everyone, including for women’s rights, peace and freedom. She has volunteered at the Library and Head Start and has been a Tutor for English as a Second Language. 

What’s her secret to living to 100? Mary recommends daily exercise, including a walk, plus healthy eating, including almonds at every meal! Happy Birthday Mary! We wish you health and joy. You amaze us!