Fifth and Likely Last Public Hearing on February 24

Mark your calendar for the fifth and likely last public hearing before the City of Goleta’s first district elections map is selected. 

At the fourth public hearing about district elections on February 3, the Goleta City Council discussed the various maps under consideration. The City Council asked staff to revise Plan 701, only changing the numbering of the districts so that Districts 1 and 2 are in the east and Districts 3 and 4 are in the west. This is similar to the way County Board of Supervisors districts are numbered in the South Coast area.

Plan 701 was drafted by National Demographics Corporation (NDC), but derived from two plans submitted by members of the public: 210B and 403. This plan was also one of four that were recommended by the City’s Public Engagement Commission following a comprehensive #DrawGoleta outreach campaign. The public can view the renumbered Plan 701 through the following link:

The renumbered Plan 701 is available for Council consideration, along with other maps previously submitted, at a fifth public hearing to be held at 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, February 24, 2022. The proposed sequencing of elections under the new map will start with the two eastern districts (1 and 2) up for election in November 2022, and then the two western districts (3 and 4) in November 2024.

Beginning this November, the City will be divided into four districts, and voters in each district will elect a City Councilmember who lives in their own district. The Mayor will continue to be elected by voters across Goleta. Districting is important because it will determine how our neighborhoods will be represented on the City Council.

Should the Council select a map and election sequencing at the February 24th public hearing, it will consider a District Elections Ordinance at its March 1, 2022, City Council meeting. The Ordinance will establish the district elections boundaries and will adopt the sequencing of the elections.

For more information on the City’s district elections process, including the timeline, links to the meetings, and all of the submitted maps, go to

Public participation has been a critical part of this historic process for our city. Thank you to everyone for helping us #DrawGoleta.

Pictured: Map #701 renumbered