Community Members Received Hands-On Tutorial for Map Drawing at City of Goleta’s Outdoor District Elections Workshop

Everyone is encouraged to submit an online or paper map

Thank you to everyone that attended the City of Goleta’s outdoor District Elections Workshop/Public Hearing last night, August 2. Tents were set up outside City Hall where attendees received a presentation, demonstration of the online and paper mapping tools, and Q&A for the City’s move to district elections beginning in November 2022. After the meeting, staff were available for anyone who wanted assistance in becoming familiar with the mapping tools. A recording of last night’s workshop/public hearing will be available at shortly, where you can also view the two previous workshops.

Be a part of this historic process by submitting your ideas for district boundaries using on-line tools or a paper map. Click here to get started. While the Mayor will still be elected at large, the City will be divided into four geographic districts and you will vote for one councilmember from your district. The final date to submit proposed maps is January 6, 2022.

If you missed the workshop, stay tuned for the City to release a tutorial video with an in-depth explanation of how to create and submit your own online map.

Upcoming Public Hearings and Workshops:

  • August 17, 2021, City Council Meeting – Public Hearing
  • August 19, 2021, Public Engagement Commission Meeting
  • October 21, 2021, Public Engagement Commission Meeting – Final Public Workshop

At the August 17 City Council meeting, City Council will be approving a list of communities of interest. A community of interest is a group of people with common interests who live close together and would benefit from being kept together in a single district. If you know of a community of interest that you believe should be kept in a single district, please email it to Goleta City Clerk Deborah Lopez at, by August 8, 2021. A list of communities of interest will soon be posted on the website.

More information on the City’s district elections process is available at For additional questions, contact or call 805-961-7505.

Thank you for your interest and participation in shaping the future of Goleta.

City of Goleta Public Engagement Commissioner Silvia Uribe and National Demographics Corporation Consultant Daniel Phillips discuss the district elections process

Residents Kathleen Werner and Cecilia Brown chat about boundaries using a paper map

Resident Eddie Cong prepares to draw his suggested district boundaries