New Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon Crosswalk on Calle Real

The City of Goleta is pleased to announce its newly installed Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon (PHB) crosswalk on Calle Real is up and running. The PHB is located mid-block between Encina Lane and Kingston Avenue at the Calle Real Shopping Center area.

City of Goleta Public Works Director Charlie Ebeling said, “We are excited about the crosswalk improvements on Calle Real. The installation of the new crossing will provide additional safety and benefit all users.”

A PHB signal provides warning to motorists that a pedestrian or bicyclist is crossing the street. The user can activate the flashing lights with either the push of a button or “touchless” with the wave of a hand. Activation of the PHB requires motorists to stop so pedestrians and bicyclists can cross safely.

The PHB remains dark until activated, then displays a special sequence of lights. Unlike a standard traffic signal, drivers are not required to stop when the PHB is not activated. Once activated, the beacons flash yellow, then steady yellow, then solid red. During the red phase, drivers must remain stopped while users cross the street. Prior to turning dark again, the beacon alternates flashing red to allow drivers to stop then proceed when clear, as they would with a stop sign.

The installation on Calle Real is one of many being installed throughout the City to benefit pedestrians, cyclists, and alternate modes of transportation. The City’s Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon projects are funded by Measure A.

Attached: Photo of New Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon (PHB) crosswalk on Calle Real between Encina Lane and Kingston Avenue