The Switch Is On Electrification Resource Program

The City of Goleta is excited to share that the Tri-County Regional Energy Network (3C-REN) recently partnered with The Switch Is On, a program to educate Californians on the importance of home electrification.

3C-REN is a partnership between the Counties of Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, and Ventura established to deliver energy-saving programs to households and industry trainings that help reduce energy use, strengthen local job markets, and support efforts to achieve climate goals.

3CREN’s new partnership with the Switch Is On helps connect residents to multiple resources intended to make home electrification easier. Here are three of the many valuable resources offered by The Switch Is On website:

  • Easy access to incentives and rebates: Simply type in your zip code, and The Switch Is On shows you all the rebates and incentives in your area. See if you qualify for some of the thousands of dollars worth of incentives by clicking the link above. 
  • Connects residents to free one-on-one advisors: Once you’ve taken advantage of some incentives or rebates, the site makes it easy to connect with a Clean Air verified contractor to install your new equipment. Search verified contractors and compare quotes. You can feel confident your electrified home improvements will be handled by an expert. 
  • A virtual assistant: Connect with an expert to answer your questions on electric water heaters, solar energy, and batteries. 

In addition to the above resources, there is also a page dedicated to making electrification more equitable through income qualifying programs. Check them out here. Take advantage of these new resources today and make your home more electric!