Pickleball at the Goleta Valley Community Center

The conversation of whether to renovate existing tennis courts located behind the Goleta Community Center (GCC) into permanent pickleball courts continues. The Council reviewed the renovation proposal and recommendations from the Goleta Parks and Recreation Commission at its January 18, meeting. They also heard testimony from a large number of community members on the topic. The Council asked staff to return to the Council with clarification on access, noise mitigations, and costs associated to play. This item will be brought back to City Council in the near future – stay tuned.

The Goleta Valley Community Center Organization (GVCC) launched a pilot pickleball project on the existing basketball court in 2019 and expanded the program with four additional courts on the existing tennis court in 2020.  The success of the pilot project has been tremendous with pickleball players contributing donations and holding fundraisers to support the GVCC in a proposal to convert the existing tennis court to four permanent pickleball courts. 

The pilot project included improvements to the court lights, temporary striping of the courts, installation of additional entry gates and securing of portable net systems.  The proposed project includes resurfacing of the existing tennis and basketball courts, installation of four permanent pickleball court lines and nets, installation of windscreen material on the south fence and striping for basketball lines and pickleball lines on the existing basketball court. The permanent basketball hoops would remain on the basketball court and the pickleball lines would be utilized from time to time with a portable pickleball net system. 

The funding for the project would come from the GVCC, with no cost to the City.  

To learn about the current program or the proposed project, please contact the Goleta Valley Community Center staff at 805-967-1237.

Pictured: Pickleball players Mark Sabens, Jared Ingram, Vince Kosek, and Brandon Gregorio at the Goleta Community Center courts