Peoples’ Self-Help Housing Celebrates 50th Birthday

The Goleta City Council issued a proclamation congratulating Peoples’ Self-Help Housing for 50 years of successfully building affordable housing and for the support of our citizens in Santa Barbara County.

Mayor Paula Perotte said, “I believe this organization is one of our community’s best nonprofits. As just one example of their work, we recently partnered with them to create 70 affordable housing units at the Village at Los Carneros.”

Peoples’ Self-Help Housing (PSHH) was incorporated on August 6, 1970, and since that time has been serving working families, veterans, seniors, agricultural workers and special needs groups by providing affordable housing with site-based services that offer opportunities to change lives and strengthen communities on California’s central coast.

For the past fifty years, PSHH has developed more than 1,900 affordable rental units throughout San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Ventura counties and through compassionate property management of those neighborhoods brought safety, security and stability to all those who live there. Through their self-help program, PSHH has supported nearly 1,250 owner builders across the region who have worked together and used their ‘sweat equity’ to build wealth for their families and achieve the American dream of home ownership. PSHH have additionally supported those households with financial management opportunities such as homebuyer education, down payment assistance programs and foreclosure prevention counseling.

Through their resident services program, PSSH has supported thousands of individuals with empathetic case management and connection to community health services leading to independent and enriched living. Through its education department, PSSH has provided a bridge from home to school for students in grades K-8, and has provided mentorship for those collegebound and beyond. All of PSHH’s programs and services have continuously improved the quality of life for thousands of Central Coast families and empowered them to lead rewarding and enriched lives.

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Pictured: Casas de los Carneros Apartments at the Village at Los Carneros