Library Bookmark Contest Winners Announced

See the beautiful bookmarks designed by young artists at Goleta Valley, Buellton, and Solvang Libraries!

During September, children in Goleta and the Santa Ynez Valley responded to the libraries’ invitation to draw a bookmark based on the themes “Every Book is an Adventure” (Goleta Valley Library) and “A Friend is…”  (Santa Ynez Valley).  Winning designs have been posted to the library website, and to the Facebook and Instagram accounts for each of the three libraries – and all of the drawings are being printed into free bookmarks for library visitors to enjoy through the month of November. Bookmarks featuring the Santa Ynez Valley contest winners are available at Buellton and Solvang Libraries now, and bookmarks with the Goleta Valley Library winning designs will be distributed at Goleta Valley Library starting on Wednesday, November 4th.

Goleta Valley Library received a total of 133 entries, and the winners are:

  • Age 3 and under: Duke Harmony (2), Felicity Pearce (2), Tyler Dang (3), Anna Dorn (3), and Amelia Macdonald (3)
  • Ages 4-6: Tristan Taormina (5), Ronnie Gloo (6), Elliott Mumm (6), Charlie Platt (6), and Paul Yoder (6)
  • Ages 7-9: Zoe Tamayo (8), James Yoder (8), Paloma Arreola (9), Krishna Garcia-Martinez (9), and Ava Zhang (9)
  • Ages 10-12: Raphael Raibley (10), Malia Rocque (10), Abigail Simonsen (10), Julia VanDe Veire (11), and Ameya Apte (12)

Goleta Valley Library Children’s Librarian Elizabeth Saucedo noted: “We loved seeing the imagination and creativity that went into each and every bookmark design! Thank you to everyone who submitted a contest entry this year. It was so fun to see all of your amazing work!”

The Santa Ynez Valley Library entries, submitted to both Buellton and Solvang Libraries, were judged by the Friends of the Library of SYV, and the winners are: 

  • Age 3 and under: Jack Rushing (3)
  • Ages 4-6: Remy Arthur (4), Gray Rushing (5) Justin Martinez (6) and Maddie Nichols (6)
  • Ages 7-9: Felicity Hume (7), Couper Nichols (7), Lucas Goodman (8), Branwen Van Dam (8), Norah Hirth (9), and Macie Ann Martinez (9)
  • Ages 10-12: Alison Hume (10) and Colton Paulson (12)

In addition, the following SYV entries earned Special Mention awards:  Bronson Ballinger (5), Hollis Van Dam (5), Dalston Kay (6), Gus Ballinger (8), and Danaka Cantrell (9), Tatum Kay (9), Stella Libera (9), and Everly Nunez (9).

“The theme of friendship just jumps off the page in these colorful designs – we can’t wait to share these bookmarks with everyone who checks out library materials in the next month,” said Solvang Library Branch Supervisor Carey McKinnon.

Both contests were sponsored this year by Blenders in the Grass, and the Solvang Library contest was also sponsored by the Friends of the Library of Santa Ynez Valley.  The Friends of the Library of Santa Ynez Valley provide funding for programs, library materials, and additional staff hours. Their donor page can be accessed at

For information on programs and events the Goleta and Santa Ynez Valley Libraries, see the calendar at, or check out; or

Images of winning bookmarks:

Goleta Valley Library bookmark contest winners from left to right: Julia VanDe Veire (11), Abigail Simonsen (10), Ameya Apte (12), Malia Rocque (10), and Raphael Raibley (10)

Santa Ynez Valley Libraries bookmark contest winners from left to right: Felicity Hume (7), Couper Nichols (7), Lucas Goodman (8), and Branwen Van Dam (8)