mission::vaccinate – Rides for Seniors and Volunteers Needed

Through their new program, mission::vaccinate, Community Partners in Caring is providing free rides to help those aged 62+ get to their vaccination appointments. People must be able to walk without the assistance of their driver (canes and walkers will be placed in the vehicle during the ride). Those 18+ years old and considered “at risk” (if mobility is restricted by chronic illness or disability and they lack access to transportation or are unable to drive) may also be eligible for free rides.

After registering for a vaccine appointment, someone needing a ride should call Community Partners in Caring at 805-925-8000 to arrange the free ride. Two-day advance notice is required. For more information go to www.partnersincaring.org/missionvaccinate.

Partners in Caring is also looking for volunteers to take seniors to their vaccination appointments. Perks include choosing your own schedule, mileage reimbursement, and knowing you’ve helped to protect seniors in our community. Sign up as a mission::vaccinate volunteer at www.partnersincaring.org/missionvaccinate, or contact Community Partners in Caring at volunteer@partnersincaring.org or 805-925-8000.