Get Outside: Stay Active and Visit the EZ Bike Pop-Up at Goleta City Hall

As spring rolls in, and the days are getting longer and warmer, it’s the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. One great way to get around and take advantage of the beautiful Goleta weather is through the means of active transportation. Active transportation refers to any human-powered method of travel, which generally includes walking, bicycling or skating to get from one place to the next. Not only does it improve public health and physical activity, but it also reduces transportation costs, greenhouse gas emissions and traffic congestion. There are fun events going on through the month of May that allow Goleta residents to try out new forms of active transportation! In the coming months, keep an eye out for an opportunity to provide your feedback through a community wide survey on a Goleta bike share program.

How can I get involved?

Experience the joys of biking during the whole month of May, as we celebrate the 12th annual CycleMAYnia Bike Month on the South Coast. This year’s activities include both online presentations and in-person physically-distanced bike rides and small outdoor group activities. Community members can join a Bike to Nature Ride or demo electric bikes at the EZ-Bike Pop-Up, hosted by the City of Goleta and EZ Bike Project on May 8. Other activities throughout the month include Taco Tuesday e-bike demos, City Cycling Skills online class, an outdoor bike-in movie, and a Mother’s Day bike ride. Go to for a full listing of the Bike Month activities, or click here for a flyer with all of the fun activities.

The EZ Bike Project, a new electric bicycle (e-bike) demo program operated by SBCAG Traffic Solutions, offers a wide range of free e-bike demos of various models to local residents and commuters as a measure to reduce traffic and air pollution in Santa Barbara County. During May, Goleta residents can test ride these bikes on Saturday May 8 at Goleta City Hall (130 Cremona Drive, Suite B) or in downtown Santa Barbara on a “Taco Tuesday” demo day. Resuming in June, you can borrow an e-bike over the weekend to ride around your neighborhood, take it to work, the market or any other errands, and even to the beach! Those interested in participating in an EZ-Bike event or reserving an e-bike must either live or work in Santa Barbara County and can visit to sign-up.

Pictured: Electric bicycles with a view, photo by Steve Miley