San Jose Creek Channel Repair Project Complete

The City of Goleta is pleased to report that the repair project for a small portion of the San Jose Creek Channel is complete in advance of winter storms. The completion of this project represents an important milestone in restoring the damaged portion of the San Jose Creek. The repaired portion of the channel is now ready to accommodate winter storm creek flows.

City of Goleta Public Works Director Charlie Ebeling said, “Public Works staff did a great job ensuring the repairs were completed prior this year’s rainy season. The repairs were also important to complete prior to the upcoming project to extend channel improvements to Hollister Avenue. The channel improvements extension will be part of the Hollister Avenue/San Jose Creek roadway bridge replacement project that is scheduled to begin in 2021.”

The San Jose Creek Emergency Channel Repair Project, which started construction in September 2020, replaced a portion of the existing channel floor that was damaged in winter storms in 2017 and was temporarily repaired at the end of 2017. The repair project, performed by James C. Cushman Inc. out of Santa Barbara, resulted in a permanent repair with the installation of new articulated concrete mats onto the channel floor consistent with the original channel replacement and fish-passage project completed in 2014. 

The project resulted in minimal impact to the community since the work occurred within the San Jose Creek Channel.

Pictured: Completed San Jose Creek Channel Repair Project