Hiking Safety Reminders

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind hikers to consider personal safety precautions before they head out for a hike. Below are safety considerations:

  • Hike with a companion, preferably from your household to be COVID-19 safe.
  • Complete a trip plan that details where you will be walking or hiking, your contact information, when you plan to arrive and return, and who is coming with you. Leave this information with a trusted friend or family member that is not going on the trip with you.
  • Begin your hike with enough time to make it back before the sun sets
  • Have a way to communicate. Do not rely on your cell phone because there may not be cellular coverage and reception. Consider having a personal locator beacon, should you need to call for help. If you are using your cell phone, keep the battery fully charged. Searching for a cell signal can quickly drain your phone battery, so consider turning off your phone or switching to airplane mode until you need it.