Green Room: How to Stay Green During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is here, and we wanted to provide you with some tips to stay green this season.

Recycle Gift Wrapping

The Holidays bring joy to all but unfortunately, along with joy comes an excess of waste, so here are some tips on recycling, reusing, and reducing this coming Holiday season. Most people don’t know that most wrapping paper is, in fact, recyclable. As long as there are no metallic foil or glitter incorporated in the wrapping paper and you remove any excess tape, your wrapping paper is more than ready to be recycled. Gift bags can also be recycled, but you have to make sure that they are matte and not glossy. The gift bags cannot contain any metallic foil or glitter also, but if they are plain gift bags, they are acceptable for your recycling.

Reusing Gift Wrapping

Reusing is also a great way to lower your waste. Most gift wrap cannot be reused, but bows, ribbon, tinsel, tissue, and gift bags are all easily re-useable, and by reusing, you could cut out a lot of your unnecessary waste. Reusing doesn’t have to be strict on gift wrap either; you can reuse cookie cutters and other things you’re not using by turning them into decorations such as ornaments or other tree decorations. Another way to cut down on your waste is wrapping presents in newspaper, comics, or magazines. These ideas can help your holiday look more original while at the same time, being earth-friendly.

Reducing Energy

Reducing waste is always a good goal to have but another way to have an extra green holiday is by reducing energy waste. Replace your old outdoor and tree lights with LED lights. LED lights can use up to 76% less energy than old-style lights. They last longer and are cool to the touch, which makes them even safer.

Recycling your Tree

Proper disposing of your tree is an excellent way to stay green this holiday season.  Please remove the stand, light, ornaments and tinsel.  Cut any trees over 6’ tall in half and place tree curbside on the green waste collection day.  If you live in an apartment complex, put tree next to the trash bin.  Learn more about MarBorg’s Christmas Tree disposal program here. They also share how to dispose of other holiday items like lights, wreaths, and tinsel. Please remember it’s never okay to burn your Christmas tree in the fireplace.