Watch End of the Year Community Video Message

The City of Goleta invites you to watch our End of the Year Community Video Message. In this informative video, we reflect on this incredibly trying past year as a City, provide an update on the City’s finances and share some exciting things to look forward to as a City in 2021. We encourage you to take time out to hear directly from the Mayor, City Councilmembers and City Manager. While we know this is a difficult time, we hope you enjoy watching our video and we wish you a safe and peaceful holiday season.

View the video here in English. It is also available to watch in Spanish here.

Pictured – Top row left to right: Councilmember Roger Aceves, Mayor Paula Perotte, and Councilmember Stuart Kasdin; Bottom row left to right: Councilmember James Kyriaco, City Manager Michelle Greene, and Councilmember Kyle Richards