City Strategizes Funding for Upcoming Capital Improvement Projects

There are twelve Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) scheduled to be delivered in the City of Goleta over the next five years. The City held a Special Council meeting on October 30 to discuss a funding strategy for the projects including the biggest project in the City’s history, Project Connect. The Council directed Goleta Public Works staff to return to Council on December 5th, 2023, to award Project Connect (estimated total cost is $100 million) and approve funding strategy for the unfunded portion. Council also rejected all bids received for the Hollister Old Town Interim Striping Improvements and directed staff to negotiate a construction change to add the Hollister Avenue Interim Striping Improvements to the Project Connect contract which would be more efficient and cost effective (estimated to save between $500,000 to $1,000,000). Council directed staff to return on December 19th, 2023, to approve the change order if negotiations are successful. A description of both projects is below.

Council also directed staff to come back in April 2024 to further review the CIP project delivery and funding for these projects. The City faces a gap in funding due to the significant cost increases over the past few years.

City staff will return to Council to hold a CIP workshop in early 2024 to discuss future CIP projects, prioritization goals, maintenance needs, and non-CIP master planning programs. CIP projects improve and enhance public safety, achieve sustainability, enhance livability, and expand economic development. Public Works, Neighborhood Services, and General Services all have CIP projects that will be part of this workshop.

The Special Council Meeting can be viewed on the City website at

About Project Connect

Project Connect is the City of Goleta’s comprehensive program to enhance pedestrian access and safety, improve road conditions and build critical linkage through Goleta while upgrading stormwater flows through San Jose Creek. Project Connect will be the City’s largest capital improvement project to date, requiring numerous right-of-way acquisitions and permits as well as close coordination with Caltrans. 

About Hollister Avenue Old Town Interim Striping Project

On January 19, 2021, the City Council approved a new Capital Improvement Program (CIP) project titled Hollister Avenue Old Town Interim Striping Project (Project). Council directed staff to develop striping plans that did not adjust the street width or existing sidewalk but implement parking and multi-modal improvements envisioned in the Hollister Avenue Complete Streets Corridor Plan Project. The Project allows for cost effective interim improvements (e.g., striping and pavement marking changes).

The Hollister Avenue Old Town Interim Striping Project is a cost effective, easily modified improvement that will be evaluated for how well it serves the needs of Old Town and will inform the final design of streetscape improvements once funding becomes available to construct the Hollister Avenue Complete Streets Corridor Project. When completed, the Hollister Avenue Complete Streets Corridor Project will enhance safety, access, and mobility for all users (pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists, and transit riders) on Hollister Avenue between Fairview Avenue and State Route 217.