February Storms Recap

City of Goleta Thanks Public Works Team and First Responders

Considering the recent storms we have experienced, let’s take a moment to express our gratitude to the Goleta Public Works Team, Caltrans, first responders, and everyone who was a part of keeping our community safe before, during and after the storm.

The City of Goleta was in constant communication with Santa Barbara County’s public safety officials. Goleta Public Works worked rotating schedules to work around the clock and have reserves available for any emergencies. Additional support came from General Services, Neighborhood Services, Finance, Planning, City Manager’s Office, and the City Attorney.

This is a good reminder to sign up for information from both Santa Barbara County and the City of Goleta. Register for County emergency alerts at ReadySBC.org. This is how you will be notified during an emergency. If the emergency impacts Goleta, the City of Goleta will send emergency notifications through its email/text message notification system – sign up to receive our City emergency info here

Learn more about winter storm preparedness, including sandbag locations in Goleta, knowing your flood risk, and more, on the City website here.

Pictured: Tree down on Storke Road, February 4, 2024