Water Supply for Emergencies

We all know that water is important. It’s good to drink, wash your hands and body with, clean dishes, and more. So how much should you have in your home for emergencies?

One (1) gallon per family member per day of preparedness you want, and City of Goleta recommends having three (3) days’ worth of supplies. So let’s do the math:

If you have four family members, then we recommend having twelve (12) gallons of water in storage for an emergency (1 gallon of water x 4 family members x 3 days). And don’t forget your pets! Remember them as you count your family members.

Water does have a shelf life, so get new water as time passes. Purchase a new gallon of water then drink the old one before its time is up.

Lastly, you don’t need to rush to prepare. You can be prepared in just a few months by adding one gallon of water to your weekly grocery trip.

For more information on creating and storing an emergency water supply, click here.