Library Hosts Record-Breaking “Stuffies” Sleepover

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Our stuffed animal friends who have helped people of all ages fall asleep had a chance to take time off and let loose thanks to the creative team at Goleta Valley Library. This year’s Summer Reading Program theme is “All Together Now” and that is exactly how the adventures unfolded for the approximately 300 “stuffies” who were dropped off at the library on Friday, July 7th and picked up on Sunday, July 9th. View photos from the sleepover here.

While there were some stuffed animals who were a bit nervous about spending two nights away from home for the first time, the Goleta Valley Library team of staff and volunteers made sure to take care of everyone who participated.

Following the success of last year’s Stuffed Animal Sleepover that garnered international acclaim, the Goleta Valley Library staff knew that this year’s event had to be even more special.

Goleta Valley Library Assistant Linda Hori said, “It was an incredible joy to see familiar faces and new ones bring their beloved stuffies to the library for our annual summertime stuffie extravaganza. We look forward to this tradition every year and are very grateful that so many members of our community enjoy it too.”

If you heard about the sleepover last year, you know it was anything but restful! The stuffed-animal friends had quite an adventure at the library where they were whisked away through the magical lands of their favorite stories and explored every hidden and not-so-hidden gem the library has to offer.  This year’s fun included trying out the library’s new copy machine, using the ever-popular self-checkout machines, crossing a suspension bridge between bookshelves, racing one another in book basket cars, climbing a display tower like mountaineers, and much more! The toys were so inspired by all the books they had available that they finished their sleepover with a special group story time with Miss Linda.

We want to send a sincere thank you to everyone who participated and extend a special thanks to the library staff who made this event memorable, along with the help of more than 20 adult and teen volunteers.

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Goleta Valley Library Assistant Linda Hori holding storytime with the stuffies

Stuffies at self-checkout

Stuffies having a dance party