Goleta Public Works Puts Safety First

The City of Goleta Department of Public Works is taking a number of precautions for their protection and the safety of the community as they continue essential work during this crisis.  Public Works has implemented several policies based on direction from the State of California and the Nation Centers for Disease Control in addition to normal OSHA Guidelines.  In addition to the normal personal protective equipment such as steel toe boots and high visibility vests, the City of Goleta Maintenance Workers are wearing masks at all times and gloves when necessary.

Additionally, the City work trucks have been equipped with hand washing stations.  The Department of Public Works has also established protocols for wiping down equipment with disinfectant wipes when the equipment is used by different Maintenance Workers and at the end of the day.  As a further step, the Department of Public Work has established a second Corporate Yard and have based a second group of Maintenance Workers at that yard.  That group will operate independently and not interact with the Maintenance Workers at the primary Corporate Yard.  Ultimately, in conformance with the State of California Governor’s Orders, the Department of Public Works will continue to perform important maintenance work that addresses Public Safety.  The Maintenance Workers and all Public Works staff will continue to meet all safety regulations with safety being the highest priority.