Eco Friendly Crafts

We are currently amidst a challenge unlike few that we’ve faced. With normal routines halted and plans canceled, our focus has shifted to staying safe and healthy at home. Fortunately, this indoor down time allows us an opportunity to get creative and explore crafts that we don’t usually have time for in our busy schedules.

Starting a home garden is a great way to get outdoors, keep occupied and produce fruits and vegetables you can use to cook at home! You can even make your own compostable seedling pots from old newspaper or other recycled paper. All you need is some seeds, soil, paper, water and sun to get started.

How to make a seedling pot:

  • Fold a single page of newspaper sheet in half from bottom to top.
  • Fold it in half from side to side, make a crease, and then unfold. You only do this to get the crease.
  • The newspaper should be positioned so that the folded side is facing you. Next, fold the bottom left corner up towards the middle crease. You’re making a triangle with this fold, and one edge will completely touch the middle crease. Repeat this fold on the other side.
  • Take the top open edge of the newspaper (leave the bottom one where it is) and fold it to straight edge of the triangles you created in Step 4. You’ll see a rectangle on top of two triangles.
  • Flip the entire newspaper over.
  • Using the center crease as your guide, fold the side of the newspaper towards that middle crease. Repeat on the other side.
  • Fold the remaining unfolded edge of the newspaper in towards the middle. This will create a flap that you can tuck inside the pocket that has formed from the side folds you did in Step 7.
  • Find the inside of your shape and gently push the sides out.

The bottom will have a small triangle shape that you will need to fold so that it will sit flat. As you push the sides out, you’ll notice this small triangle piece doesn’t have a natural place to go. Simply use your fingers to fold it, making a small triangle on the bottom of your pot. Work with the folds and continue to press and mold the pot until it forms a square.

You can then fill your pot with moist soil or seed raising mix, plant your seeds, and set them in a sun exposed area indoors. Once they begin to sprout and you’re ready to plant, dig a hole in your garden deep enough to fit your pot, tear the outer corners of your paper pot to give your roots room to grow, and fill with soil. Make sure to water regularly and enjoy watching your plants flourish!