Green Building Encouraged

The Goleta City Council demonstrated its commitment to sustainability when it adopted a largely voluntary Green Building Program last October. The new program, which took effect on January 1, will include access to free resources such as information about green building best practices, utility rebates and financing options.

To promote the use of green building practices,a variety of incentives are available. These include rebates of 50% of the land use permit fees for residential additions and other small projects, priority processing through the city’s planning and building process and expedited building plan checks. These incentives are for projects that voluntarily meet certain standards or complete the Energy Upgrade CA and/or emPowerSBC programs.

The Green Building Program was developed over the last two years through a community stakeholder process that included the City’s advisory group, the Green Ribbon Committee. The Green Ribbon Committee included representatives from the design, construction and development communities.

Leading by example, the Council committed to a higher standard for its own government facilities when it adopted a policy requiring LEED Silver certification for most new City buildings.

Information on Goleta’s Green Building Program can be found on our website at or by contacting Cindy Moore, Senior Planner, at or 961-7547.