Community Input Leads Old Town Park Process

Plans for a park in Old Town Goleta are moving forward, and the community is excited to see what will fill the four-acre parcel near the corner of Hollister Avenue and South Kellogg Avenue. Over the last 18 months, the City held three well-attended community meetings as well as several smaller stakeholder meetings with youth, seniors and other residents of the neighboring park areas. At the most recent meeting, three conceptual park designs were unveiled. The public had the opportunity to weigh-in on their preferred plan as well as individual design components, site layout issues and a range of amenities and activities.

The design team then took all of the feedback and created a single concept plan. This latest plan envisions a multi-use sports field, basketball court, handball court, bocce ball court, skateboard plaza, playground, picnic areas, walking paths, fitness nodes, restrooms and a small parking lot. It also includes enhancement of the existing habitat and protection of the Sister Witness Tree.

With the park project comes the opportunity to create a creekside multi-use path along the west side of San Jose Creek from Armitos Avenue to Hollister Avenue. This effort is part of a larger bike path plan that would connect Cathedral Oaks to Goleta Beach.

What is the current project status?

Staff is conducting environmental review, and the City is processing a General Plan amendment and rezone of the site from residential and commercial to the more appropriate designation of parks and recreation. The park design will receive review by the Design Review Board, Planning Commission and City Council within the next few months.

When would would the park open?

The City would like to begin construction in 2013 and open the park by summer 2014. The timeline is dependent upon whether the governing bodies make any significant changes and weather conditions during construction. Visit for park updates.