Be Prepared for Winter Storms

In preparation for the start of the rainy season, the City of Goleta is taking steps to prepare for the wet weather. All year long, the City’s regular bimonthly street sweeping program ensures that debris does not enter the storm drain system and surface pollutants are prevented from reaching the ocean. The City’s public works crew has been hard at work inspecting and clearing culverts and storm drain inlets to ensure they can handle the flow of rainwater.

Winter Weather Tips:

  • Inspect your roof for leaks.  Clean out gutters, downspouts and roof drains.
  • Check public storm drains in your neighborhood and report obstructed drains to the City at 961-7570 or through the City Alert system. (Go to the City’s website to report a problem.)
  • Keep private yard drains clear of debris.
  • Reset automatic irrigation systems for wetter months.
  • If you have experienced flooding in the past or are in an area that floods, keep a supply of filled sandbags
    on-hand to protect your property (available at Fire Stations 11 & 14).

Better to be safe than sorry! Plan ahead.