General Plan Now Available to Download

The City’s General Plan/Coastal Land Use Plan (General Plan) is now available as a single downloadable document for the first time.

The General Plan serves as a blueprint for the future, prescribing policy goals and objectives to shape and guide the physical development of the City. The General Plan contains the following seven, State-required elements and two optional elements as follows: Land Use Element, Open Space Element, Conservation Element, Safety Element, Visual and Historic Resources Element, Transportation Element, Public Facilities Element, Noise Element, and Housing Element.

Historically, the City has made the document available online in parts, with each element and figure downloadable separately. Now, in addition, the General Plan, including all Elements and Figures, is available as a single PDF on the City’s General Plan webpage here: The PDF has a bookmarks bar and the Table of Contents has clickable likes to all Elements, policies, figures, and tables. This single document now allows a user to search the entire General Plan for a word or phrase. All figures are also embedded in the PDF in the appropriate locations in the elements. The City will update this document (along with any single Element, Figure, etc.) on that webpage when any General Plan Amendments occur.