Community Resource Deputy Hedricks Honored

Our own Community Resource Deputy (CRD) George Hedricks recently received two prestigious awards. Sheriff’s Deputy George Hedricks began working for the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Office in July of 2007. He is currently the City of Goleta Community Resource Deputy (CRD) for Dos Pueblos High School and Goleta Valley Junior High.

One of the two awards he received was at the Sheriff’s Office Annual Recognition Awards Program and Luncheon where award recipients were recognized for their exemplary service during 2022. Hedricks received the Distinguished Service Medal, awarded to members of the Sheriff’s Office who have demonstrated exceptional achievement in assigned duties with loyalty and dedication over a prolonged period. School Resource Deputy George “Meade” Hedricks was honored for his eleven years of exceptional dedication, guardianship, and commitment to the safety and wellbeing of the young people and school staff he serves at Dos Pueblos High School.

The following week, CRD Hedricks was awarded the H. Thomas Guerry Award recognizing excellence in law enforcement for Santa Barbara County. Hedricks was one of the recipients of the Superior Performance award. 

Deputy Hedricks works in partnership with school administrators, students, and parents daily. His on-campus presence affords him the ability to investigate complicated issues, as well work with school staff and parents on lesser involved matters. The teamwork displayed by all involved parties allows for alternative solutions to correct negative behavior, as opposed to criminal citations and court appearances.

Deputy Hedricks has fostered special relationships over the 11 years he has been assigned to the schools. In addition to his CRD position, he is also Dos Pueblo’s head baseball coach during his off-duty hours.

Deputy Hedricks is the main security resource for school administrators and students alike. When an issue arises, he is immediately sought out for direction and guidance. He has displayed the patience and even-temperament to mediate fights and/or arguments on campus.

Deputy Hedricks has proven himself to be a moral and ethical role model for the students. This is evident in his countless investigations and interactions while on and off campus, always remaining professional and empathetic in his interactions with students and staff.

Some of his other duties as the CRD include meeting with parents and school administration, classroom presentations, making referrals to appropriate agencies, effectively communicating the needs or requirements of certain educational codes or policies, especially amongst a diverse student population. One of his main duties is to make sure both staff and students feel safe and respected, while assisting in providing a comfortable learning environment.

Due to Deputy Hedricks presence on campus, students have learned to trust him and see him as a friend, mentor, and guardian. They feel comfortable in approaching him for questions and/or concerns.

Congratulations to Deputy Hedricks, and thank you for all you do for Goleta!

Pictured: Deputy Hedricks receiving the H. Thomas Guerry Award from Sheriff Bill Brown