Proper Furniture Disposal During Move In and Move Out

Moving into or out of a living situation most commonly occurs around June and July. Residents may find themselves faced with the daunting task of disposing of unwanted furniture, such as couches, chairs, and mattresses. However, it’s important to know that improper furniture disposal can have negative consequences on the environment and the community. Here are some tips for residents in Goleta to properly dispose of their furniture.

Donate or sell your furniture.

Before you consider disposal, consider donating or selling your furniture. Many local charities and thrift stores, such as “Alpha Thrift Store” and “Destined for Grace Thrift Store,” accept gently used furniture. Additionally, online platforms such as Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace can be great places to sell unwanted items. Donating or selling furniture not only helps those in need, but also reduces waste and promotes sustainability.

Schedule a bulky item pick-up with MarBorg Industries.

If your furniture cannot be donated or sold, you can schedule a bulky item pick-up with MarBorg Industries. The City of Goleta offers this service free of charge twice a year to all residential accounts, including multifamily properties. This service allows for the proper disposal of large, bulky items that cannot be disposed of in regular curbside pick-up. If you live in a multifamily situation, please coordinate with your Homeowners Association or Property Manager to schedule a bulky item pickup. Call MarBorg at 805-963-1852 to get started today.

Avoid illegal dumping.

Illegal dumping can result in significant fines and penalties. You should not abandon unwanted furniture on the street or in public areas. This not only creates an eyesore but also poses a danger to the community and the environment. Illegal dumping can lead to pollution, attract pests, and damage natural habitats.

Properly dispose of hazardous materials.

You should not dispose of hazardous materials such as electronics or batteries with furniture. Hazardous materials require special disposal methods to prevent harm to the environment and people. The City of Goleta offers two facilities where residents can properly dispose of these materials:

  • Goleta Recycling Center (ABOP) at 20 David Love Place
  • UCSB Community Household Hazardous Waste Facility on Mesa Road

Proper furniture disposal is essential for residents to maintain a clean and healthy community. By donating or selling unwanted furniture, scheduling a bulky item pick-up with MarBorg Industries, avoiding illegal dumping, and properly disposing of hazardous materials, residents can make a positive impact on the environment and the community. Let’s work together to keep Goleta beautiful and sustainable!