City Conducts Annual Tree Maintenance Operations

The City of Goleta conducts year-round maintenance on public trees along streets and in parks and open spaces. In urban areas, trees require regular care to encourage healthy growth, reduce pest infestations, and limit impacts to private property and public infrastructure. With over 14,000 public trees, annual maintenance cannot be completed entirely outside of the bird-nesting season (typically February through August). In addition, a backlog of deferred maintenance and winter storm damage also require tree work to occur during bird nesting season. It’s important to note that prior to beginning any tree maintenance operation, the City takes necessary precautions to reduce impacts to wildlife, including checking for active bird nests. If an active nest is found, the tree will not be pruned and no work will occur in the vicinity of the tree until the bird(s) have matured and left the nest. For more information about Goleta’s Urban Forest, please visit: