Update on Public Safety Power Shutoffs

No Longer a Major Threat in Southern California

Southern California Edison (SCE) reported to Goleta that significant progress has been made to strengthen its electric infrastructure. SCE let Goleta know, “As a result of the abundance of recent precipitation, a [Public Safety Power Shutoff] (PSPS) is not expected for the foreseeable future. However, we will be closely monitoring the rate at which widespread heavy grasses will dry out to contribute to increased fire activity later this year.”

A PSPS event would have led to multi-day power outages in Goleta during periods of extremely hot, dry, and/or windy weather, and would have lasted as long as the potentially dangerous weather conditions exist that could spark a wildfire. 

The City of Goleta works closely with SCE to monitor hazards associated with electrical infrastructure. The City will keep the community updated on any potential threats.

Learn more about PSPS from SCE here: www.sce.com/outage-center/outage-information/psps.