Ellwood Mesa Update

Ellwood Mesa Workshop Sep. 2022

The City of Goleta is designing and permitting the implementation phase of the Ellwood Mesa Monarch Butterfly Habitat Management Plan. This winter, the updated project plans will be presented to the City Council for review of a Development Plan Application and a Coastal Development Permit application which the City will submit to the California Coastal Commission. Vegetation management work to reduce fire risk is anticipated to start this fall, with the larger project to enhance monarch butterfly habitat and trails slated to start next summer, pending all permit approvals.

The City held a workshop on the Ellwood Mesa Monarch Butterfly Habitat Management Plan last month at Ellwood Elementary School. The workshop was a great opportunity for community members to learn about the City’s plans to improve butterfly habitat and public access. Community members split into break out groups, had one-on-one conversations with project team members, observed detailed project plans, and provided input via group activities. The City’s project team received a lot of valuable feedback from workshop participants. A presentation recapping the workshop is scheduled for the City of Goleta Parks and Recreation Commission on October 12, 2022. View the agenda for the meeting here.

Thank you to everyone who attended. If you have questions or comments about the project, please reach out to George Thomson, the City of Goleta’s Parks and Open Space Manager, at gthomson@cityofgoleta.org or 805-961-7578.

Pictured: Ellwood Mesa Monarch Butterfly Habitat Management Plan Workshop, September 12, 2022, Ellwood School